Thursday, October 2, 2008

OI Indonesia Children Celebrate Ramadan

Trip to the Beach!

By Mareska Mantik, OI Indonesia Director

The Moslem’s Ramadan, also known by the Indonesian as “The Month Full of Blessings,” brought many blessings to OI Indonesia kids as well! The children marked the Ramadan Month by having a beach picnic, accompanied by the House staff and their families. The picnic took place at Moinit; located two hours drive from Manado city.

During the Moinit Beach picnic OI Indonesia’s children
buried willing Axe up to his neck in the sand.

To end the Ramadan holiday, at the Moslem’s Lebaran celebration all OII kids and staff paid visits to their neighbors. It was such a joy, since OI’s Sulawesi House is in the center of a Moslem community in Manado’s suburbs! Tons of cookies and plenty of children’s favorite soft drink were the main theme of the day!

OI kids and staff enjoy Lebaran festive at their next-door neighbor.

Picnic lunch, with Manado’s home-made famous “Yellow Rice.”

OI Indonesia children posing before the holiday cookies.

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