Monday, April 7, 2008

Visiting Extended Families in Indonesia

The children of OI Indonesia have recently visited their extended families – for the most part, their grandparents. In all cases, the children live with us because their extended families cannot provide for them economically or physically. Below is a photo-essay of their individual journeys.

The extended families of our children live mostly in thatched
huts with plank siding, raised above the bare ground.

Most of our kids’ extended families have broken television sets
but little else other than their own pride to call their own.

The insides of rural homes in North Sulawesi are
Spartan but very clean. Here Jeiny ponders her life.

Alan’s grandfather is a dignified gentleman
who cares deeply about his grandson.

Alan savors the time he gets to spend with
his grandparents in the countryside.

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